What to Do When You Get the Frightening Call from CPS

Janet, a devoted homeschooler, never thought she had very much to worry about. After all, she always thought of herself to be an above-average mother. She spent lots of time with her children and filed her private school affidavit as required by state law.

Unfortunately, Janet was completely unaware of the growing threat to her family autonomy. It struck suddenly. She received a call from Child Protective Services, who asked for an appointment to visit her and her children. Janet agreed to let CPS come to her home. They had a warrant to enter the premises and take her three children for some questioning. Janet was not told where they were taken nor when she would see her children again.

Sound absurd? Unfortunately, Janet is by no means alone. CPS in California has greatly increased the number of cases they are handling. And as Janet soon discovered, homeschoolers are by no means exempt. In fact, as homeschooling becomes more and more widespread, cases like Janet’s will likely only increase. Fill out the form below to download this free resource so you can be prepared should Child Protective Services call.

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